Miba Buttons

Why Miba?

  • High temperature resistance: up to 930°F (500°C), short time up to 1650°F (900°C)
  • Very smooth engagement
  • High wear resistance
  •  High and stable level of friction coefficient
  • Negligible mating material wear.
  • Miba generates 3 to 15% lower torque peaks compared to the competition; reduces gear shocks loads.

Miba Friction Group has been a  development partner and supplier of high-performance friction materials to the automotive and machine industry for over 30 years. We offer optimized components for clutches, and use high-quality materials and innovative, technologically advanced, processes to ensure excellent wear-resistance and friction coefficients.

Clutch segments generate the friction needed for torque transfer from engine to transmission, enabling the vehicle to start. They are characterized by particularly high temperature resistance and low wear.

Friction materials are an important performance element in vehicle and machine clutches, and play a key role in overall efficiency.