Clutch Buttons

VelveTouch clutch buttons BY CARLISLE

Carlisle Brake & Friction is a global leader in the development and supply of severe-duty friction materials for clutch, brake, transmission and industrial motion control systems. Additionally, Carlisle offers products for thermal management components and high temperature structural part applications.

Manufactured by Carlisle, VelveTouch® brand clutch buttons and facings maintain a dominant market share in a variety of end markets including agriculture, military, Motorsports, off-highway truck, performance automotive and on-highway truck. Carlisle maintains its leadership within the severe duty and high performance clutch markets by continuously providing customers with exceptional value, consistent quality, dependable delivery and material innovation.

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VelveTouch® by Carlisle clutch buttons, facings and full ring discs provide rebuilders and clutch manufacturers with a substantial performance advantage over the competition. Following more than 8,000 engagements, Carlisle dynamometer test results of our High Initial Torque (HIT) clutch friction material, exhibits a very stable friction coefficient with a FLAT trace over time. This data demonstrates a significant value for applications equipped with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). Generating a flat torque run is better for the firmware, which run the shift points in the AMT via the clutch. As a result, shifting is more predictable to the operator.

Dynamometer test results of competitive clutch friction materials demonstrate a rising coefficient over time, or over 8,000 engagements, this can be harmful to the overall transmission system of the truck or application.


The transmission system firmware is fixed to optimize the shift and is based on the assumption of the coefficient of friction. The firmware is set from the factory using an algorithm. This algorithm includes input from the clutch, which is based off of the OE, who collect the clutch button data from Carlisle. This does not change when a truck is serviced and the OE clutch is replaced with an aftermarket part. The algorithm will not change unless the truck clutch system is re-flashed with updated software/firmware.

VelveTouch® by Carlisle clutch friction technology works in unison with the transmission system to provide an overall total system value for the drivetrain. VelveTouch® by Carlisle clutch friction materials are designed for complete truck performance, including stabilized coefficient. At Carlisle, we do not design for the sole purpose of achieving the highest possible coefficient of friction as shown on a dynamometer test. Flocculation in friction coefficient over time can pose a problem, it may cause harsher shifting characteristics. VelveTouch® clutch buttons provide a perfect balance of, break-in coefficient, good wear life and stable long term friction coefficient.


The combination of our world-class manufacturing, OE expertise, superior material development and advanced application engineering provides only the highest-grade products in the market. Carlisle’s OE and aftermarket VelveTouch® brand friction products are manufactured in the same TS and ISO certified manufacturing facilities. VelveTouch® backs all of its products with a lifetime warranty for form, fit and workmanship. Take the risk out of purchasing replacement parts and specify VelveTouch®.